The Hottest Web Design Trends for 2021

Do you want your website to look modern and trendy? Most of all, do you want to improve your conversion rate?

An ugly looking website that looks like a time portal back to 1999 doesn’t impress anyone anymore.

The first interaction most clients have with your business is through your website.

Think of your web design as the decor of your office—an office that stays open 24/7.

Would you buy stained curtains from a thrift store for your office? Of course not.

If you are interested in impressing your potential clients with your website, read on. We crafted a mini guide on the hottest web design trends in 2017 based on latest discoveries.

3. Animation

The minimalistic trend is dead and buried.What web designers seem to love now more than ever is animation.

The average internet speed is rising, which opens up more doors for designers.

In 5 years, a website without animation will probably leave the same impression that a website from the 90s does now.

Bright colors and animations seem to engage website visitors more.

The animation on the website should not be there just for the sake of grabbing attention, however.

It should also provoke a positive emotional response to the company’s values.

2. A strong focus on the buyer persona

When designing a website, you have to keep in mind that certain demographics are attracted to certain fonts and colors.

The preferences of these demographics can vary significantly.

The personalization of website design has been on the lips of experts for quite a while. But only it is only now becoming a “trend” to analyze your buyer persona and then create a website.

Keep in mind that certain colors trigger unique emotional responses.
Blue is an appetite suppressant.

It tends to inspire confidence and trustworthiness. Therefore it should be avoided on websites dedicated to restaurants.

There are many strategies that web designers can employ to stay on top of web design trends and increase their conversion rates.

1. Web design that lets your content shine

Perhaps the most conversion oriented of web design trends is the idea that the web design should be flashy or eye-catching.

The idea that the web design elements should highlight the content and make it easier for the reader to focus on the content is truly revolutionary.

Since content is the engine that drives action, the design must perform the role of the calming ambient that doesn’t distract the attention of the potential client.

This web design trend is, perhaps, the most innovative. It is most certainly helpful for companies that want to grab the attention of their website visitors.

Why we analyzed the hottest web design trends

Unlike fashion trends, web design trends tend to show progression. Web developers use trial and error to learn what works best.

The line is drawn every year, and the numbers are crunched.

Developers look at what works, what engages visitors, what converts, and what is outdated.

The web design trends mentioned above are the result of the same process: trial and error. Web designers determined that these 3 web design trends take websites to a new level.

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