Let Amistad Pros Help you direct highly targeted traffic to your website with PPC

With so much traffic on the internet, it can be a real challenge to reach your ideal target audience. You need to establish a strong brand presence, develop credibility, and generate interest in your product and services. Plus, you need some serious visibility online. A great way to accomplish all of these things is through pay-per-click advertisements.

BANGKOK - CIRCA FEBRUARI, 2015 - Google AdWords is an online advertising service that enables advertisers to compete to display brief advertising copy to web users, based on keywords.

Through Google AdWords, you can place targeted ads to potential customers and drive traffic to your website from users all over the world. Once on your website, your products and services will speak for themselves and these potential customers will become regular shoppers. With pay-per-click marketing you will generate more sales and make more money.

How Pay-Per-Click Marketing Works

Pay-per-click marketing is pretty straight forward. Websites that display your advertisements through banners, column ads, and even direct product mentions, get paid every time someone clicks the advertisement to visit your website. You only pay every time someone clicks, so the overhead costs on this form of marketing are extremely low.

However, simply advertising your product everywhere to everyone will not generate the interest you need. Instead, you need to make sure that your advertisements appear on relevant sites, where you could reach potential customers. That is where a mastery of Google AdWords comes into play. To ensure that your products are on the most relevant websites, run by trusted tastemakers and trendsetters, you need to master some pretty complex algorithms. Google only allows advertisements with a high AdRanks score -- determined by a good quality score, and valuable cost-per-click bids -- into prime marketing space. This is where Amistad Pros can make a difference for your business!

Why Choose Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Besides being cost-efficient, PPC marketing comes with many other benefits, including:

  • Fast Results - As opposed to SEO campaigns that take a lot of time to build, PPC ads are easy to set up and provide fast results. Say, you run ads for a day. You can quickly see if someone saw or clicked on your ads a day after. With fast results, you can adjust your tactic right away.

    SEO, on the other hand, brings long-term results. That's why Amistad Pros recommends small businesses in Raleigh to run PPC advertising, along with other digital marketing efforts like SEO. This way, you get to maximize the power of online marketing.

  • Easy to Measure and Track - Google Ads and other platforms for pay-per-click marketing often have tools that help you measure and track your campaigns. You can determine their performance through statistics, including impressions, clicks, and conversions. There's no guesswork with PPC.

    Based on stats and figures, you can quickly adjust your PPC strategies. You can control your budget better. And again, it's easier to see how much you've spent to achieve your goals. You can't promptly do all these with magazine ads and other traditional channels.

    In addition, this wealth of data and statistics can be beneficial beyond the PPC platform. You can use them to boost your SEO, content marketing, and social media marketing efforts.

  • Targeting Options - Reaching your ideal target audience has never been easier with PPC ads. You can target specific keywords through text ads. You can run ads through remarketing based on your prospects' past behaviors online. You can also focus on specific audience demographics by using display ads.

    PPC marketing is an opportunity for you to be on par with larger competitors online. You don't only get to advertise side by side with bigger brands, but you also gain a lot of valuable marketing data without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  • How We Can Help - Employing some of the best PPC marketers in Raleigh, we censure that your company appears in only the most profitable marketing spaces from the top of the Google Search page to the banners on the most-viewed, related websites. To achieve these great results for your company, we use a combination of precise keyword relevance, a strong, attractive landing page, and performance grading analytics to ensure that we are making the most of these great marketing tools.

    So if you are looking for a way to drive content to your website, let us help! At Amistad Pros, we can help you design the perfect pay-per-click marketing campaign to reach your ideal audience. Call (919) 999-8848 for a fee consultation today!