PPC Marketing Agency in Raleigh

Amistad Pros offers pay-per-click services across search and social platforms. Our PPC management agency in Raleigh enables small businesses to:

  • Deliver highly targeted traffic and measurable conversions.
  • Build better brand recognition and stand out in a saturated market
  • Thrive even through algorithm changes
  • Gain total control of their budget, targeting, and ad placements

There’s nothing worse than paying PPC experts and not getting the results you want.

As Raleigh’s top-rated PPC ad agency for small businesses, we will maximize your ad spend by handling all aspects of your PPC campaign. We will help you zero in on qualified leads, reach your sales goals, and ensure you get the biggest bang for your buck.

BANGKOK - CIRCA FEBRUARI, 2015 - Google AdWords is an online advertising service that enables advertisers to compete to display brief advertising copy to web users, based on keywords.

Through Google AdWords, you can place targeted ads to potential customers and drive traffic to your website from users all over the world. Once on your website, your products and services will speak for themselves and these potential customers will become regular shoppers. With pay-per-click marketing you will generate more sales and make more money.

How Pay-Per-Click Marketing Works

Pay-per-click marketing is pretty straight forward. Websites that display your advertisements through banners, column ads, and even direct product mentions, get paid every time someone clicks the advertisement to visit your website. You only pay every time someone clicks, so the overhead costs on this form of marketing are extremely low.

However, simply advertising your product everywhere to everyone will not generate the interest you need. Instead, you need to make sure that your advertisements appear on relevant sites, where you could reach potential customers. That is where a mastery of Google AdWords comes into play. To ensure that your products are on the most relevant websites, run by trusted tastemakers and trendsetters, you need to master some pretty complex algorithms. Google only allows advertisements with a high AdRanks score -- determined by a good quality score, and valuable cost-per-click bids -- into prime marketing space. This is where our PPC marketing agency in Raleigh can make a difference for your business!

Why Choose Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Besides being cost-efficient, PPC marketing comes with many other benefits, including:

  • Fast Results - As opposed to SEO campaigns that take a lot of time to build, PPC ads are easy to set up and provide fast results. Say, you run ads for a day. You can quickly see if someone saw or clicked on your ads a day after. With fast results, you can adjust your tactic right away.

    SEO, on the other hand, brings long-term results. That's why Amistad Pros recommends small businesses in Raleigh to run PPC advertising, along with other digital marketing efforts like SEO. This way, you get to maximize the power of online marketing.

  • Easy to Measure and Track - Google Ads and other platforms for pay-per-click marketing often have tools that help you measure and track your campaigns. You can determine their performance through statistics, including impressions, clicks, and conversions. There's no guesswork with PPC.

    Based on stats and figures, you can quickly adjust your PPC strategies. You can control your budget better. And again, it's easier to see how much you've spent to achieve your goals. You can't promptly do all these with magazine ads and other traditional channels.

    In addition, this wealth of data and statistics can be beneficial beyond the PPC platform. You can use them to boost your SEO, content marketing, and social media marketing efforts.

  • Targeting Options - Reaching your ideal target audience has never been easier with PPC ads. You can target specific keywords through text ads. You can run ads through remarketing based on your prospects' past behaviors online. You can also focus on specific audience demographics by using display ads.

    PPC marketing is an opportunity for you to be on par with larger competitors online. You don't only get to advertise side by side with bigger brands, but you also gain a lot of valuable marketing data without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  • How We Can Help - Employing some of the best PPC marketers in Raleigh, we censure that your company appears in only the most profitable marketing spaces from the top of the Google Search page to the banners on the most-viewed, related websites. To achieve these great results for your company, we use a combination of precise keyword relevance, a strong, attractive landing page, and performance grading analytics to ensure that we are making the most of these great marketing tools.

    So if you are looking for a way to drive content to your website, let us help! As Raleigh’s top rated PPC ad agency for small businesses, we can help you design the perfect pay-per-click marketing campaign to reach your ideal audience. Call (919) 999-8848 for a fee consultation today!

Our PPC services

Google search

Google Search Ads

Paid search ads display your listing at the top of search results where it’s guaranteed to be seen. They put your brand in front of prospects who are actively searching for similar products or services. PPC ads are also cost-effective since you’ll only be charged when your ad is clicked.

Amistad Pros helps you launch effective search ads with targeted keywords. We help you maximize ad spend and gain immediate traction from the right audiences.

man browsing a website

Display Ads

Raise brand awareness with powerful display ads that appear on Google’s partner websites and other industry-related sites.

Our display ads involve compelling photos and copy that capture attention and inspire action. We use the right targeting and placement options that will connect you with customers at various points in the sales funnel.

social media apps

Social Ads

Maximize your social media presence with ads that target audiences based on demographics, hobbies and interests, and purchasing behavior.

We launch successful ad campaigns on all leading social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Our team will produce compelling ads and copy, identify the right channels to use based on your business goals, and keep you on track with your budget.

woman using her phone

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing campaigns let you reach customers who have already shown an interest in your products and services. Amistad Pros creates highly targeted and personalized ad campaigns based on the actions a user takes or the sections of your site they interact with.

Our PPC strategists will oversee your entire remarketing campaign, from keyword selection and ad creation to landing page testing and reporting. Our goal is to encourage people to return to your website and take action.

woman shopping online

Google Shopping Ads

Google shopping ads offer excellent visibility for large volumes of products. They appear in a carousel above or beside search results, placing your products and their prices right in front of qualified leads.

Our PPC agency specializes in shopping campaign creation, troubleshooting product feed errors, and analysis of overall campaign success.

man recording a video

In-stream Ads

In-stream ads are short ads that are inserted in qualifying videos. They can be personalized according to each viewer, helping you strengthen your reach and generate higher ROIs.

Amistad Pros produces visually stunning and disruptive video ads on Facebook and YouTube that capture the interest of highly qualified leads. We make sure your in-stream ads are displayed in the right channels and inserted in natural breaks in relevant videos.

We Deliver Real Results

Partner with a PPC management agency in Raleigh dedicated to your continuous growth. At Amistad Pros, we bring unrivaled skill and attention to detail to every PPC campaign we handle. From account setup to campaign monitoring, trust us to deliver notable results every step of the way.

Google-certified Specialists

Work with a team of PPC experts highly trained to keep up with Google’s rapidly changing algorithms. We’ll craft ads based on your target demographic, schedule them for the most effective times, and ensure you get the most possible ROI.

Data-driven Processes

Data is key to standing out in a competitive digital landscape.

Amistad Pros offers data-driven solutions that get your ads in front of the right people at the right time. We craft PPC strategies based on in-depth analytics and transparent figures, so you can rest assured that your budget is spent on convertible leads and notable results.

Transparency and Collaboration

We are a PPC marketing agency in Raleigh that fosters a collaborative working culture.

Expect to receive updates at every step of your campaign and enjoy direct access to certified PPC managers. Digital marketing can be overwhelming when you first get started, but we’re here to ensure your campaigns run as smoothly and stress-free as possible.

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What Our Clients Say

“We are very pleased with Amistad and all the hard work they put in our PPC campaigns.  Not only did the results exceed our expectations, but the overall experience was collaborative and stress-free. Their PPC team listened to all my concerns and ideas. Our PPC ads have become the key  introductory point for new and potential clients.  Thanks very much!”

- Gary Davis

“Amistad Pros are the best PPC experts we have worked with. Our company has hired different PPC firms a couple times before and Amistad was by far the most creative, approachable, and results-driven partner we’ve worked with. We really appreciate their responsiveness and commitment to our goals. Highly recommended!”

- Angela Thompson

“Since working with Amistad Pros, my company’s online presence has soared like never before. As a small business, it’s always been a struggle to reach our target customers and drive consistent engagement. Amistad’s PPC specialists have helped us overcome these issues and placed our business on the map.”

- Kelly Green